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Step By Step: The W.A.G.S. Service Dog Training Academy

By Wendy Crann With Justin Schaeffer

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Step By Step: The W.A.G.S. Service Dog Training Academy

By Wendy Crann With Justin Schaeffer

Cleveland, OH 14th April 2017

Publication Date: September 26, 2016

$49.99 USD (paperback)| $22.99 USD (ebook) | 262 pp

ISBNs: 978-0-9978807-0-0 (paperback) | 978-0-692-87934-4 (ebook)

Distributed by Working Animals Giving Service for Kids

The first dog training manual straight from one of Ohio's premier "Cell Dog" training programs. How would a group of unskilled inmates learn how to train dogs for service work? This is how! From beginning to end, the training philosophy and methods that produce wonderful results over and over again. For a service animal or simply the best pet you have ever had. You can now learn what works, why it works and how to communicate with your animal in the language he will understand. With input from the actual inmate trainers at The Grafton Correctional Institution in Grafton, Ohio. There has never been a book like this. If they can have remarkable results, you can too.

“If you are lucky, training your dog is a lifelong process. Lucky in the potential for continual skill improvement and in building an impenetrable bond with your animal. He will learn as long as you keep teaching.”

Step By Step is an award-winning strategy to select and train your perfect dog rooted in consistent positive reinforcement and the belief that everyone should experience the love of a dog in their life.


“No more secrets! If you’ve ever wondered how those Cell Dog programs develop outstanding Service Animals, this is it. ‘Step By Step’ is what professional animal trainers know and what promessional animal trainers do, in a clear, concise program accessible for any dog owner. Read this book before you get your next puppy and be prepared to have the best behaved dog on the block.”

- Karen Lutz, Owner, Elite K9 Training Academy

“‘Step By Step’ is a must read for anyone considering adding a puppy to their family, or if they already have a puppy as a family member. This comprehensive, practical and skillfully written book teaches all the fundamentals and will serve as a practical reference throughout the life of your pet. The beautiful and touching illustrations are simply icing on the cake.”

- Peggy Farrell-Kidd, Central Bark Doggy Day Care

Wendy Crann is the founder and Executive Director of W.A.G.S. 4 Kids. A second generation dog breeder and trainer, with over fifty years of experience, it is her belief that the same methods of training she developed to prepare animals for service work can be used by anyone. Her experiences include training of both pure-bred and mixed breed dogs, wolf hybrids and behavior modification for problem behaviors and rescue dog socializations issues from trauma and mistreatment. Her hope is to empower families to choose a dog wisely and train it to meet whatever need exists.

This is Wendy’s second published training manual and encompasses the last ten years of practical experience with inmate dog training programming and service dog placements to children. Highlighted are the innovations in task training specifically designed for the Autism Spectrum Disorder community.

Justin Schaeffer was incarcerated through the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections during the publication of this book where he began his journey as a dog trainer in the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids dog training programs at both North Central Correctional Institution and Grafton Correctional Institution. He thanks Wendy Crann and the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids organization for his dog training experiences and the opportunity to learn. He values every aspect as contributing writer in creation and publication of the Step by Step dog training methods and curriculum. Justin plans to continue his work with the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids organization upon his release and devote his time to professional dog training.

“Today there are hundreds of methods in use for training dogs. Some are too harsh while others are too soft. This book gets it exactly right. ‘Step By Step’ is a common sense approach to training filled with practical methods based on compassion. If you desire true partnership with your dog, read this book. Soak up its message. If you do, the bond you share with your dog will become stronger and your heart will race with joy at every breakthrough. I speak from the fount of experience. Wendy’s methods can work miracles.”

- Kerrin Winter-Churchill, Past-President, The Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers, Breeder of Champion English Cocker Spaniels and Shortharied Pointers, Award-Winning dog photographer and writer.



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