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Our Thankful Thanksgiving

Shane & Huey

Our Thankful Thanksgiving Ed. 1 – November 5, 2014

Shane and his family first came to W.A.G.S. in 2013 as an amazing little six-year-old born with CHARGE Syndrome, a genetic anomaly affecting approximately one in 12,000 births. In Shane’s case, he was born with a major heart defect requiring multiple medical procedures including two open-heart operations and the installation of a pacemaker. Shane is extremely nearsighted and has colobama which greatly limits his field of vision. He is also profoundly deaf in one ear and moderately deaf in the other. Shane was born with only one functioning kidney. He also has very low muscle tone, which contributes to mobility challenges.

Despite these challenges, Shane continues to be a courageous and curious little boy who loves to explore the world around him cautiously. He has surprised many of his care providers with his progress and recently had his tracheotomy removed, allowing him to begin vocalizing more, although he struggles with language and expression. While Shane has taken a few steps on his own, he is extremely reluctant to do so. His hearing and vision issues make it difficult for him to navigate without support and a reassuring hand.

Shane’s family were hoping that a service dog would help Shane develop more confidence and learn about his surroundings, and bridge the gap between his special spirit and everyone he meets. “To give my son another form of interaction and comfort. To help him walk independently. To help in his relationships with peers and other people.” said mom, Katherine.

For 18 months, Huey was trained at North Central Correctional Complex in Marion, Ohio by a team of 12 inmates certified as animal trainers and working with the W.A.G.S. Staff Trainers to meet the high standards set by the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids Accredited Cell Dog Training Program. This is the MTC Cell Dog training program as accredited by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. After 6 months with his forever family, well…a picture is worth a thousand words right?

“Shane really likes his dog and Huey has completed our family. We are currently working with Shane to walk with Huey to the bus in the morning. Huey is doing great and Shane smiles every time.” Mom, Katherine adds “I have recommended WAGS to many people! Huey gets a lot of attention when we are out so we frequently speak about the program and how satisfied we are with Huey and WAGS.”

And Then They Lived Happily Ever After….

Thank You To Friends, Family, Sponsors and Community Members ! We Shane & his Family had a mission of $8,000 in Family Fundraising for Shane’s Service Dog. Because of YOU we have come THIS FAR! High 5! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Check Back Next Week For Another “Thankful Thanksgiving”…

You can also mail a check to:

W.A.G.S. 4 Kids

112 E. Center Street

Berea, OH 44017

Please make a memo note that your donation is for Shane

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