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Meet Brayden

Mission: $9,000 Family Fundraising

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Meet Brayden. He is a sweet, loving, little four-year-old boy who is severely autistic and non-verbal. The dog will benefit him in so many ways. Autistic children have very specific needs and this dog will become Brayden’s very best friend as well as his protector. Brayden has sensory overload when he goes into public places and that creates severe meltdowns. The dog will calm him during these meltdowns to let him know he is safe. The dog will also encourage Brayden's socialization skills and his relationship skills. Our goal is to have Brayden reach his fullest potential and providing him with a service dog will help his independence, help him gain confidence and be his best friend.

Any donation will help, no matter how large or small. A service dog is a major expense that is not covered under medical insurance. Please help my son have a better and safer quality of life. May God bless you for helping my little boy have his dog.

You can also mail your donation to:

W.A.G.S. 4 Kids

112 East Center Street

Berea, OH 44017

Please make a memo note that your donation is for Brayden

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