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Meet Aubrey

Mission: $9,000 Family Fundraising

· Kids In Need,Sensory Processing,Developmental Delays,Anxiety,Mission Accomplished

Aubrey is a very smart and fun loving little girl with a smile that lights up any room. She has some unexplained developmental delays that include, but are not limited to: social anxiety, sensory processing delays, motor planning issues and speech apraxia. Her mom and dad became concerned when she wasn’t crawling by the time she was one. In fact, Aubrey stopped growing completely and lost weight at this point. Aubrey’s family began seeking advice and answers from a large team of specialists. At 16 months of age, Aubrey began services with early childhood intervention specialists including weekly PT, OT and eventually, speech. Though Aubrey has come a long way since beginning services, her lack of confidence and sensory processing challenges prevent her from trying and enjoying new, and even familiar activities with the family. Often the family has to leave events early, or miss them entirely, due to Aubrey’s inability to manage the sensory overload or anxiety she experiences. Currently when she is in situations where she is overwhelmed or overstimulated she seeks comfort from her parents, mostly wanting to be held as she hides and shelters her face from the happenings around her. Often, she will completely shut down: she will sit, or even lay on the floor covering her ears and will “take cover” from whatever is happening around her. Having a service dog would provide Aubrey with comfort and confidence and would open a whole new world of possibilities for her. Aubrey has a neuro-typical, outgoing and sweet older brother Mitchell who is her biggest cheerleader. Having a service dog would also help him and the family as a whole be able to participate in more events and be a more active family.

You can also mail a check to:

W.A.G.S. 4 Kids

112 East Center Street

Berea, OH 44017

Please make a memo note that your donation is for Aubrey.

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