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A Thankful Thanksgiving – Will & Tucker

Will is a beautiful angel of a boy that was diagnosed 2-years-ago with Angelman Syndrome and Epilepsy.

Will’s mom, Melissa, a single mother of two had one goal in mind when she came to W.A.G.S. 4 Kids – a companion dog for Will. “My main goal was…someone to help calm him down when overstimulated or upset, someone to play fetch with and just a best friend. Tucker has become all that and more, he is a part of our family!”

In the less than six months that Tucker has joined the family, the “magic” as we like to call it, has certainly begun. Will’s gait is improving as he chases Tucker through the yard and vice versa. Most days are spent outside with the hose and “I’m not sure who loves it more, Tucker or Will.” says Mom, “The best moment was the time Will got into his cozy coupe and, with no prompting or training, Tucker got right behind him and put his snout on the back and was pushing him. Their friendship and bond is priceless.”

Unlike any other partnership from W.A.G.S. 4 Kids, Will is not only our first angel-baby. Will is our first “wish” child. His wish for a service dog came true thanks to a $9,000 grant received from the Make A Wish foundation.

“I never imagined when I started this process that I’d meet people I was certain I’d know for the rest of my life. Every call and text with a question or concern was answered immediately. The work you guys do is priceless and all of you are great! Thank you so much for changing our lives!”

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